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Creating jewelry from recycled or by upcycling pieces is my current creative passion. I love finding something broken or unwanted & transforming it into something new and beautiful.

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What's New
"Am I still painting?"

Yes & no. Over the

past 10 years, I have

created a LOT of art,

blessedly selling

quite a bit of it. I 

have always wanted

to see selected art

works on retail items,

such as aprons, water

bottles, pillows,

phone cases, etc.

And, now, thanks to 

CafePress & Zazzle, I

can! You can find

SmackinArt on

‚Äčand           . Simply

click on the words in

pink (Etsy, Artfire,

Zazzle, CafePress) to

go directly to one of 

these SmackinArt shops.

Above: Aruba Crow, original watercolor, unframed 11" x 14", $150

Art, Jewelry & Gifts

Above: Pieces: Restoration, original mixed media, 11" x 14", $100

Still Painting... 

I have a series of seven canvas wall hangings entitled "Pieces." Each canvas features one inch squares cut from paper & discarded paintings, fabric & wallpaper samples, as well as, postage stamps from my childhood collection. Pictured below is one that is available for purchase "Pieces: Restoration," that can be a wall hanging or displayed on a table. See my Artwork page for art available for purchase.

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