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What's New "Am I still painting?" Yes & no. Over the past 10 years, I have created a LOT of  art, blessedly selling quite a bit of it. I have always wanted to see selected art on retail items, such as aprons, art on retail items, such as aprons, water bottles, pillows, phone and iPad cases, etc.  And, now, I can! You can find me, SmackinArt, on zazzle and ​cafepress. My entire jewelry collection is available on Etsy; some pieces are marketed on ArtFire. Earrings aren't available on this site yet. My journals and note cards are also available on etsy. Simply click on a blue button. above left,  to go directly to my Etsy, ArtFire, zazzle or cafepress shops.

​​Above: Aruba Crow, original watercolor, unframed 11" x 14", $150

Art, ​Jewelry & Gifts

Above: Pieces: Restoration, original mixed media,11" x 14", $150

Still Painting... 

I have a series of seven canvas wall hangings entitled "Pieces." Each canvas features one inch squares cut from paper & discarded paintings, fabric & wallpaper samples, as well as, postage stamps from my childhood collection. Pictured below is one that is available for purchase "Pieces: Restoration," that can be a wall hanging or displayed on a table. See my Artwork page for art available for purchase.

At right, Sun n Sand

necklace $55

You can order Sun n Sand through the necklace page.

Fleur di Tee Note Cards

Fleur di Tee note cards are available only through SmackinArt. The image's side fleurs can be any color and with or without dots.  The bar crossing the fleurs and the tee can be any color as well. One card $2.25. Two cards $4. Five cards $10. To order, email me Fleur di Tee Note Cards are copyrighted by Tina S. Mackin, SmackinArt. All rights reserved. Copyright © 2014